Wanjie Technology, brave to break free of shackles

source: WANJIE Release date:2020-12-24

       More than 70% of Wanjie Technology’s orders come from overseas. The spread of the new crown epidemic has brought a crisis to the world, and it has also caused a heavy blow to Wanjie Technology and a huge impact on the company’s sales. At the time when the company is alive and dead, Wanjie Technology quickly adjusts the company’s R&D direction in response to the market demand for epidemic prevention materials. Based on the mechanical principle structure proficient in scientific research personnel, scientific research innovation is the advantage. The main focus is on the production of high-end masks. After several days and nights of unremitting research and development, the KN95 mask machine was born. After this market research, Wanjie Technology is not satisfied with the low-efficiency mask machine in the current market. Therefore, after the successful development of the mask machine, it has undergone more than ten continuous attempts. With improvement and technological innovation, the R&D team improved the material conveying and software system, and successfully trial-produced the fourth-generation mask machine.
      The fourth-generation KN95 mask machine produced by Wanjie Technology broke through the production bottleneck of traditional mask machines producing 20-50 pieces per minute, and increased the mechanical efficiency by 3 times, reaching more than 150 pieces per minute. With the improvement of mechanical efficiency, orders for mask machines are also coming in, which resolves the impact and impact of the epidemic on the company's production and sales, and makes every effort to resume work and production, so that employees have things to do and money to make. The production and research and development of the mask machine not only solves the sales problems of enterprises, but also contributes to the motherland's epidemic prevention cause.