To help prevent and control the epidemic, Hebei Wanjie Technology Co., Ltd. donated 1,800 sets of medical protective clothing to Tangshan!

source: WANJIE Release date:2020-12-24

         At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted our original rhythm of life. The original reunion and festive Spring Festival seemed to be covered with dust. Wanjie Technology learned that domestic medical supplies are in short supply, and even the safety of some front-line medical staff is difficult to allocate protective supplies, so it took it seriously. During the quarantine period, Wanjie Technology actively contacted overseas partners and agents from various countries to purchase medical masks and medical protective clothing and other key epidemic prevention materials from Spain, Germany, Brazil, Israel and other countries.
        At the same time, Wanjie Technology actively contacted the municipal and county-level people's governments to prepare for the donation of medical supplies. Governments at all levels expressed great importance and helped a lot for the smooth arrival of medical supplies. After getting the anti-epidemic materials quickly, Wanjie Technology donated 1,800 sets of medical protective clothing worth about 150,000 yuan purchased from Germany to the Red Cross of Tangshan City, and also donated about 10,000 medical masks and 10 boxes of 84 disinfectants are used for epidemic prevention work of the people's governments at the city and county levels. "Considering the overall situation, understanding the general situation, and courageously responsible" is also a direction for Wanjie Technology in the future development, and strives to be worthy of the caring technology enterprise evaluated by the people's governments at all levels.