wanJie Technology

Hu Yongjie, Yutian County in Tangshan City, current General Manager of Hebei Wanjie machinery technology Corp.
Joined the Communist Party of China in 2010;
Won the title of outstanding young entrepreneur in Yutian County in 2010;
Elected as the 9th committee member of Yutian County in 2012;
Awarded as the construction excellent worker of integrity enterprise in Hebei province in 2012;
Elected the executive vice president of packaging industry association in Hebei province in 2013;
Re-elected as the 10th CPPCC member of Yutian County, the executive committee of the 9th industrial and commercial association of Yutian County and executive committee of the federation of industry and commerce in 2017.


Since the establishment of Hebei Wanjie Machinery Technology Corp., the comrade always adheres to the concept of “quality wins the market, integrity creates brand” and the quality policy of “market oriented, customer centered and customer satisfaction as the goal”, leading enterprises to carry out advanced management concepts such as 7S lean production, some recognition and recognition have been gained after years of hard work. Company has 4 invention patents, 19 utility model patents, was identified as “double-guarantee demonstration unit of quality and reputation” by China medium and light product quality assurance center for three consecutive years, won the title of “excellent member enterprise” of Yutian County federation of industry and commerce; the products were rewarded with “Famous brand products in Hebei province”, “consumer trust products” by consumer association in Hebei province; other honors are: “advanced enterprises and individuals supporting party construction work” issued by the county government of yutian county committee, the title of “outstanding young entrepreneur” issued by Yutian county committee of the communist youth league, AAA credit enterprise awarded by Bank of China hebei branch, and won the title of “enterprise of integrity in Hebei province”; outstanding performance award of China national label industry; top ten new brands of China's printing machinery industry. The company successfully became the ISO9001 certification enterprise and the EU CE certification enterprise in 2006, was awarded as “enterprise recommended by famous merchant members” by China manufacturing network; was identified as provincial enterprise technology center in 2010, and has also been responsible for drafting 4 industry standards successively, namely Adhesive label printing machine industry standard, Reel flat press flat light die cutting machine industrial standard, Laminated flexographic printing machine industrial standard and Printing machine terminology industrial standard; identified as small and medium sized enterprises of science and technology in Hebei province in 2014, won the first-, second-class and two third-class of science and technology achievement award, named “national high-tech enterprise” and “innovative enterprises in Hebei province” title in 2015; recognized as a famous trademark in Tangshan in 2016; awarded the small and medium enterprises with the title of “Specialization” in Hebei province; awarded the county level science and technology excellent enterprise in 2017; the enterprise technology center was awarded as grade-A industrial enterprise research and development organization in Hebei province; and also awarded the technology innovation demonstration enterprise in Tangshan City; technology innovation demonstration enterprise in Hebei province; was successfully listed on the new third board of the national small and medium enterprise share transfer system in July 2017. Security referred to: Wanjie technology, and security code is: 871827.


As the chief executive of the enterprise, he sets a law-abiding model in the work position, fully implements the work of managing enterprises according to law and makes public plans. He focuses on the center of managing, operating, decision making, safeguard legal rights according to law, adheres to the combination of managing enterprises according to law and the development of enterprises, continue to manage enterprises according to law as the important measure for scientifically managing and improving economic efficiency, standardize management and improve the level of enterprise management. Establish and improve various systems of enterprises and carry out performance assessment and integration management comprehensively. Adhere to the self-examination and supervision of enterprises in accordance with the law, and ensure that the work of managing enterprises according to law is continuously perfected in practice and promotes the sustainable development of enterprises. Strengthen the construction of uncorrupted government, fully implement the openness of publicity of enterprises, strengthen democratic supervision, and ensure transparency in handling affairs.


Over the years, adhering to the core “people-oriented” of the scientific outlook on development, respect the consciousness of the employee and satisfy the reasonable demand, improve the employee value, stimulate the spirit of innovation, keep the vitality of the enterprise. Seriously understand and analyze the employee thinking and behavior through the dynamic analysis of employees' thought, take care of the difficulty of the employee, listen to their voice, work hard and do good things, focus on the strength and wisdom of employees and mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative to promote the survival and development of the enterprise with the satisfaction of employees. Considering the talent of the company as the first capital of the enterprise, carry out bold reform in the employee system, through the establishment of fair competition system of post competition, and the reform of the employment system, establish the position mechanism and elimination mechanism, the levels for fair competition in the company, thus, to create the growth mechanism and good material environment for the talents. By improving the performance assessment system, the company organizes team building and development activities unregularly, improves the employees' welfare and so on to transfer the “people-oriented” management concept to the employees, mobilizes the enthusiasm and creativity of the employees, strengthens the sense of belonging to the enterprise and strengthens the cohesion of the enterprise.


When drinking water, one should never forget those who dug the well. While thinking about caring for employees, he does not forget the construction of their hometown. The comrade always adheres to carry forward the spirit of great love and stick to self-development at the same time, he also repays society actively, enhances the social sense of responsibility, inheriting social virtue, cares for vulnerable groups, with generosity, delivers the poor and all those who are oppressed, and dedicates love. In 2013, he donated 6,000 Yuan to support the construction of the new rural area Dongwangzhuang Village, and donated 8,000 Yuan to Dongchuanwo Village; donated 1000 Yuan to a girl who was scalded in Guangzhou; donated 1,500 Yuan for little Yuanmei, who suffered neuroma in Panyu, Guangdong; participated in the organization of a large community event - Huangqi middle school growing heart and soul activities, raised more than 70,000 Yuan to the community, and sent a spiritual feast to the children; won the title of “love enterprise” in 2014; raised the fund of more than 18,000 Yuan for the patient Bo Yanfang with leukemia in Dongxinzhuang Village, Gushu Town, Yutian County in 2015; donated 3,000 Yuan for flood in Jingxing County, Hebei province in 2016. He has always insisted on a great and noble cause of public welfare, leading the employee further study the scientific outlook on development, renew the concept of charity unceasingly, and make greater contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.


The shortcomings and effort direction: the main manifestation is that the systematic of theoretical study is insufficient, using scientific outlook on development to guide practice, the ability to promote the development of the enterprise needs to be enhanced. Facing the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, learning needs to be strengthened, constantly update knowledge structure, constantly raise the level of theory and leadership level, further enhance the scientific theory to solve practical work and various complex problems faced by the operation of business, and improve the management level. Do better in the business and develop towards a higher and better direction for Yutian printing machinery industry. We shall do our best to the masses and do things well, strive to make people satisfied. Contribute more to the harmonious society!