Tangshan Wanjie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 2017 Annual meeting

source: WANJIE Release date:2018-03-28 0

Time flies, unconsciously we passed away a year in the busy. We have said goodbye to the brilliant 2017 and ushered in a hopeful 2018, on the occasion of the arrival of the New Year, we give all our clients a New Year's greetings, we thank all the new and old customers for the support in the past year, and hope that we will continue to have better, more pleasant and more cooperative in the New Year.
Today we ushered in the annual meeting for Tangshan Wanjie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.







Looking back of 2017: all the staff have devoted a great deal of effort for this annual meeting , although the equipment are not complete, the props are not perfect, actors and singers are not professional, all performances are representative of an attitude, a hope for the next year, the gratitude towards the company and the leaders and colleagues, let all of us learn to be grateful, and express more enthusiasm and hope into our work next year, and the company's annual meeting is perfect and with a successful close in the laughter and applause.