wanJie Technology

Enterprise mission quality wins the market, integrity creates brand

In order to have our products heading to the world, we will fully exert our own advantages of scientific research and development, and promote the positive enterprise culture, with the full implementation of the performance assessment, participate in the integration management, strictly enforce the rules and regulations in accordance with the 7S management and quality certification requirements. Make full effort to become the world's first brand.

A common goal has bound all Wanjie people. Excellent team collaboration has explored the biggest potential of Wanjie people. The mature and sound training system, the forefront design ideas and technical trends, the depth of innovation, is the height of success.

Enterprise vision

Based on independent technological innovation, create world fine printing machine

Quality policy

Market oriented, customer centered and customer satisfaction as the goal

Employee policy

Cherish the contribution of every employee and make every employee grow constantly and realize the dream.

Talent concept

Work based on ability, reward based on work, hiring based on responsibility

Enterprise objective


Require each employee to set up solid, rigorous style of work, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The platform of nine feet starts from the soil base. ” To work diligently and conscientiously is the basic guarantee for the survival and development of the enterprise.


The present era is the era of booming development, we must renew the idea, continue to innovate in all aspects of management, technology and service, and we are likely to remain the forefront of development, and remain invincible.


Unity is strength. Any of a group, only with unite to achieve “all united in one purpose”, and run for the same goal and achieve victory.


“Mountains are beyond mountains, buildings are beyond buildings”. Avoid conceit and impetuosity in the work, not downhearted by difficulties and setbacks; do not be complacent over occasional success, and never be satisfied, be good at summing up the success and failure, gain and loss, and draw useful experience and lessons within, and constantly improve self quality, can have process, and continuous development.

Operation philosophy

  • Scientific management
  • Institutional normalization
  • Work efficiency
  • Process simplification